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Welcome to the new CardioVillage. We are proud that over the past 20 years, CardioVillage has become the trusted, go-to destination for reputable, relevant, and rigorous cardiovascular medicine eLearning.

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Explore new content, expanded credit offerings, and an improved learner experience. Our now mobile-friendly content allows you to take your learning with you, so you can incorporate your CME into your everyday life - painlessly.

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Why can't I log in?

We have re-launched as a subscription based site. If you were a customer on our legacy site, you will need to create a new account (your old credentials were not transferred to our new site). You can set up this new account with the same credentials that you used before if you would like. If you are attempting to log into our legacy site to access previously earned certificates or unclaimed credits, click here. Your existing credentials will still work on this site to access certificates and claim credits, but there is no longer content available there.

Why did CardioVillage move from offering free content to a subscription model?

After 20 years of providing renowned online learning content for cardiology, and after much feedback from our faithful members, we have listened to these requests and updated the site. The new site will provide a steady beat of content with brand new courses and insights from respected experts in the field. In addition to a fresh new look and feel, the site will become mobile-friendly to help you continue to complete your credits online and while on-the-go. The new annual subscription will provide you with unlimited access to our entire course catalog as well as new content as it is delivered.

How does the subscription model work?

With our annual subscription model, your purchase gives you access to all current content on CardioVillage. In addition, as new content is added, you will be able to access that as well during your subscription period. You can complete as much of the available content to earn credit as you wish.

How often is new content added to the site?

We are committed to bringing you new content on a regular basis. Look for new content to be available regularly. Emails are sent to registered learners when new content is available.

How do I know when new content is added to CardioVillage?

When new content is approved and added to the site, an informational email is sent to registered learners. You will want to make sure that your email is set to allow emails from so that those messages are not blocked.

Is my credit card charged automatically when my subscription ends?

Yes, your card on file will be automatically charged to auto-renew your subscription so that your access to the content on CardioVillage is maintained. However, if you do not wish to renew your subscription, you can easily opt-out by clicking on your Account, and then under Subscription, clicking Cancel. This will prevent any future charges to your account.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel auto-renewal at any time. Cancelling your upcoming auto-renewal will not affect your current subscription access and will not result in any refunds.

Does cancelling my auto-renewal for the next year affect my current access period?

No. If you decide to cancel your auto-renewal early, you will still maintain full site access for the full length of your current subscription.

I am an existing member, will I still have access to my past certificates on the old website?

To access past certificates, click here

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new subscription model? We'd love to hear from you.

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