After many years of providing renowned online learning content for breastfeeding friendly education, we will be upgrading our technology and moving our clinically focused courses to our new website.

We are redesigning the site so that you access it on mobile devices, be actively engaged with the content, and participate as part of a community of clinicians and teams who are dedicated to delivering quality information to their patients.

New Changes Include:

New & improved website design

Insights from respected experts

Mobile-friendly, for learning on any device

What Isn't Changing:

Same trusted content providers

Same commitment from the VA Dept. of Health

Many credit types available to learners

When Are All of These Changes Taking Place?

Our new site launches
Get started if you haven't already
Say goodbye to our legacy site

Today: Get Started

If you have in-progress courses, please complete and claim credit before August 31st. After the August deadline, existing courses will not be available, and your progress will be lost.

Don't worry! Nothing has changed yet - You can still use your existing credentials to log in on the same website that you have always gone to in the past to access your course(s).

June 26: New Site Launch

There's still time! Our new site will be live, but you will still have a couple of months to complete your existing course(s). Log onto our legacy site at to complete any in-progress courses and claim your credits before the August deadline.

August 31: Goodbye Legacy

We appreciate your loyalty as a customer, and we're so excited about the improvements we're making!

Our legacy site will be turned off, and all courses will be available for purchase and access on our new site. We will be offering the same great content, but in an updated format that is mobile friendly.

Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still log in on the legacy site?

Yes - until August 31st. Your credentials are still the same.

Can I log in on the new site?

Yes. Your username/email address has been transferred over - You will be prompted to set up a new password when you log into the new site for the first time. After that, you will log in as usual.

Do I have to re-register?

If you have an existing account on Breastfeeding Friendly Consortium, you won't need to register a new account - you will still be able to log in using the same email address/username that you used on the old site. The first time you access your "My Courses" page, we will ask you to update your information, just in case anything is out of date.

If I need more information or technical assistance, who should I contact?

Contact or call 877-514-2354 for assistance.

Can I still access my course(s) when the new site launches?

Yes! You will have until August 31st to complete any in-progress courses and claim your credits. You will be granted access to the re-formatted course on the new site, but your progress will NOT be transferred over. If you do not complete your in-progress course on the legacy site, your progress will be lost. If you have already completed the course, your completion status will be saved and moved to the new site. Modules will not show as checked off, but you will be able to claim your certificate on the new site.

Do I receive the newly formatted course on the new site if I have it on the existing site?

Yes! As a courtesy, we will be granting all learners one year of access to the new course, starting from the date of launch.

I haven't started my course yet. Can I wait to start on the new site?

Yes! If you have not started your course yet, feel free to wait until we launch to begin your course work. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to complete if you have credit deadlines in place.

Can I purchase now for the new site?

Yes! If you'd like to go ahead and purchase now, you can do so. Just wait to start your course until the new site is up so your don't lose progress. Your course expiration clock will not start until the new site launch date.

Is there a fee for participation on the new site?

Yes, fee information for each of the courses will be included in the course catalog.

I am an enrollment manager. What will happen to my un-used enrollments?

They are yours to keep! Any un-used enrollments will be transferred over to the new site.

I represent an institution that needs to provide staff training. Is there a volume discount and help tracking staff participation?

Yes, volume discounts are available and our Institutional Package includes tracking and reporting software. Call our support team for more information at 877-514-2354.

When the new website launches, will I still have access to my past certificates on the old website?

You will not have access to your past certificates; however, if you need assistance with accessing past certificates, please contact our support team at or call 877-514-2354. We will be unable to claim any unclaimed credit for you, but we will happily help you with existing certificates.

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